What if you had the AUDACITY?


Today, I encourage you to consider what goals you would set if you just had the brash audacity to set them. This is an idea I lifted while reading the book The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. (Highly recommended if you want to get motivated to explore levels of effort that you haven’t experienced before!)

We often don’t set truly ambitious goals because, as soon as we think them, our lizard brain tells us not to bother, we can’t do it. In fact, I’ll be the first to confess that when I want something badly, I’m more apt to avoid going for it at all, in order to avoid the pain of not getting it. Not having it is one thing. Trying and failing to get it is another entirely.

I spent a few minutes recently writing in my journal, writing down goals that felt ridiculous, they felt arrogant to even say they’re a goal. Who do I think I am to even consider that I could do that? You’ll see what I mean.

Fight the urge to conclude that you’re arrogant for setting big goals. That’s a defense mechanism. If you’re arrogant for setting the goals, you’re off the hook, because it would be wrong to be arrogant, right? Then if you don’t have to set the goals, you don’t have to experience the discomfort of facing them and pushing yourself to become someone you’re afraid to become, to do things you haven’t done.

Block out that lizard brain for five minutes, discard the concern of being arrogant, and just write what comes to mind. What goals would you set, whether short or long-term, if you simply had the audacity to set them?

As an example, and to be completely transparent, a couple of the items on my list include:

“U.S. Congress?”

“Book published”

“Own 100 houses outright”

I mean, seriously? US Congress? But yes. Seriously. US Congress. If I decide whole-heartedly that that is the direction I want to head, there is a way. It is no less realistic for myself than it was for many of the people who are already there.

Goal setting - 10X Rule

That’s a photo of that page in my moleskin journal. (They are the BEST by the way. Get one.)

Try employing a little “If they could do it, so can I.”

The point isn’t that I’ll be a member of Congress. I’m not sure that’s what I want. The point is that I want to break the habit of talking myself out of significant, ambitious and worthwhile goals.

So here’s where you can start breaking that habit. Take five minutes to do this exercise.

Write “Goals I would set if I had the audacity:” at the top of a piece of paper, and then go to town. After all, you’re not saying that you’re actually setting these goals yet, right? You’re just saying that if you had the audacity, you might!

So there. You’re clear to be as arrogant as you dare to be. Have the audacity!

Get to it!

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