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Do you mind if I tell you a quick story?

One evening two years ago, I was at home with my astonishingly beautiful wife, and found myself in a familiar quandary. Something was bothering her, so as she vented to me about it (isn't that what spouses are for?), in typical boorish male fashion, I was champing at the bit to share with her my brilliant solution to her problem.

Recalling a tactic that I had learned in the context of sales, instead of jumping in with something like, "I'll tell you what you ought to do!" I listened, and then calmly asked permission: "Sweetie, can I tell you what I would do if it were me?"

You're not going to believe it. After a moment's thought... she said yes!

So I got to share with her a viable solution and I wasn't the bad guy!

It was in that moment that I realized: the skills that I had been learning weren't sales skills--they were communication skills!

I hope you'll snag a copy of this free e-book, and see how these simple little tactics can have a HUGE impact on both your business and your relationships.


When I talk about what it means to thrive, the idea is holistic. If you're making piles of money but hate what you do, you're not thriving. If you're loving your work but neglecting your children, you're not thriving. In order to truly thrive, you must invest in and care for all key areas of your life. Especially the foundation that is your family.

In the interest in cultivating the holistic approach to a truly fulfilling life, I encourage you to read this short book I've written about fortifying your marriage.

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