March 9, 2016
Denver, USA - JANUARY 19: Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots AFC Championship at Sports Authority Field. The Denver Broncos defeat the New England Patriots. Peyton Manning celebrates after the win. (Photo by Anthony J. Causi)

What Can Peyton Manning Teach You About the Present?

The core belief of this blog is that life is a gift, that your time is a precious asset and that you therefore ought to be a purposeful steward of such a scarce and valuable resource. That is why I push myself toward excellence. That is why I want to push you toward excellence. That is why I hunger to grow, to rise to whatever version of greatness is available to me. In a word: stewardship. Tantamount to true stewardship is gratitude along the journey—not just once you arrive at the destination, but at many points along the way. If […]
March 7, 2016

How I Missed Out On 4 Years of My Life

I left Love and Theft in 2010 and walked straight out of a living daydream and into a cloud of uncertainty. Not long before I had purchased a new house in a wonderful area in Nashville called Hillsboro Village, and my wife Kelly and I, newly married, lived there with our baby boy Oliver and a cat named Paul. With that career move (that’s a pretty generous term) came a significant pay cut, so we moved out of that house and into a rental on the west side of town, an old 60’s built ranch home on the side of […]