February 8, 2016

Do You Envy or Do You Emulate?

It’s a question of resource allocation. You possess finite time and finite energy. Will this time and energy be spent on frustration: gainless comparison between your journey and the journeys of those whom you admire? Those who may be a little further down the road than you? We all have our eyes on a few folks who have what we want, who have accomplished that which we aspire to, maybe they act the way we wish we could, or they’ve won awards we want to win. It’s okay to admire. It’s okay to aspire. But don’t do so at the […]
December 9, 2015
Are you confident and mature enough to root for others, to appreciate and enjoy their success without feeling threatened? This sturdy sense of self is a characteristic of a successful leader.

Are You Anti-Success? I Was, Too…

When I was in college I was in a Christian rock band with a lot of potential but a lot to learn. We were as green as the cheese in my dorm room mini fridge. Surprisingly, in our small town of Temple, Texas, there was a fairly vibrant live music scene, dominated by a couple bands in particular (ours was not one). One of these bands was a fierce little outfit called Passerby, and they were just flat out good. Well, sure enough, some time during my sophomore year of college, Passerby, who later changed their name to Flyleaf, signed […]