March 2, 2016

Do You Have the Courage to Visualize Generosity?

Champions visualize. Pitchers visualize throwing the perfect game. Sprinters visualize breaking the tape. Speakers visualize engaging and dominating a room of awed listeners. Almost unanimously, those who accomplish above average goals engage in some form of visualization. Whether it’s forming a vision for where you’d like to be in two or five or ten years, or it’s visualizing success in the specific tasks that the day holds, visualization is integral to pressing toward big goals. (If you don’t have big goals… GET SOME!) I’m not writing to sell you on visualizing, though. I’m going to skip that step, assume that […]
February 8, 2016

Do You Envy or Do You Emulate?

It’s a question of resource allocation. You possess finite time and finite energy. Will this time and energy be spent on frustration: gainless comparison between your journey and the journeys of those whom you admire? Those who may be a little further down the road than you? We all have our eyes on a few folks who have what we want, who have accomplished that which we aspire to, maybe they act the way we wish we could, or they’ve won awards we want to win. It’s okay to admire. It’s okay to aspire. But don’t do so at the […]
February 5, 2016

How One Conversation Can Change Your Life

This week I spoke at length with my team about the origins and power of communication. Communication—verbal and non-verbal—makes up every relationship you have. Every relationship you have is ultimately the sum of the various communication, over time, that has created that relationship. The various messages my wife and I have sent to each other—from the first time we smiled at one another on the top of a party barge, to the vows we exchanged at our wedding, to the I-love-you’s we exchange each day—have formed the good and the bad of our relationship. There’s another conversation happening that often […]
January 22, 2016

The 4 Ways the Comparison Trap Squashes Success

Lewis Howes is an absolute monster. The guy is everywhere! He’s on TV shows, every time I log onto Facebook he’s on my news feed, he’s doing podcasts with a long list of people I’d like to know, and to top it off, he’s a New York Times bestseller. Lewis, who is only a couple years older than I, has already built several multi-million dollar online companies. He’s interviewed Alanis Morisette and Arianna Huffington and Tim Ferriss, and Olympic gold medalists and billionaires and… and those people don’t want to hang out with me. I don’t think I’m allowed to […]
January 11, 2016

What I Learned About Leadership From a Snarky Real Estate Agent

As you may know, I work in real estate here in beautiful Nashville, TN. Yesterday I heard another agent remark with an old adage, “Buyers are liars.” I cringed. First of all, to clarify, the spirit behind the phrase is this: It’s not that buyers are actual, miscreant, immoral spewers of deception. It refers to the propensity of people buying a home to be—perhaps unwittingly—unclear on what they want. One day they want this, then you show it to them and they change their minds and they want that. We’ve all been indecisive at some point in our lives, right? […]