December 23, 2015
Contrary to our sleep-when-I'm-dead culture, there are times when the most productive action you can take is to allow yourself to rest. True leaders, successful entrepreneurs and those who achieve greatness, have come to recognize this importance.

Why Rest May Be Your Most Productive Next Move

Somehow we get this idea that the most successful people are superhuman, immune to the need for rest, for breaks, the need to recharge. Do me a favor. Drop that notion like it’s hot, and leave that steaming mess where it lies. The fact is, the most successful people have recognized and mastered the art of rest. They know that thirty hours at the absolute top of their game is far better than eighty hours of irritable, burnt out mediocrity. Now, don’t mis-hear me. I’m not saying that you should only work when you feel like it. What I am […]