March 18, 2016

What I Learned While Burning Ants With a Magnifying Glass

Those poor little ants. They were no match for the 8-year-old me and my magnifying glass. If they foolishly stood still for more than perhaps 2 seconds, they were incinerated. How interesting that the very same sunlight which you may use to get a nice base bronze or to slowly and gently grow delicate flowers from seeds, can simultaneously be used to create a mini furnace of intense, life-smothering, simmering heat! That’s the power of focus. It’s the same sunlight. The same temperature outside, the same weather, the same distance from the sun. The only difference is how those rays are […]
March 11, 2016

Why I Don’t Simply Rely On My Strengths

What if I told you I had heard an interview with Lebron James, in which he was asked what was different about his practice regimen? How much harder and longer did he practice? How did his discipline and focus stack up against those around him? And Lebron replied, “Honestly, man, I don’t really need to practice all that much. I was just born with this gift and I’m so thankful to have this ability. I really don’t practice because I just don’t need to as much as other guys.” Wouldn’t that sound crazy? Of course, this interview never actually happened. […]
March 4, 2016

5 Reasons to Become a Better Listener TODAY

I want to become a better listener. No, I need to become a better listener. And you do too! Your ability to listen—to genuinely, selflessly listen—is what will allow you to build rapport with strangers, to forge meaningful relationships, to expand your influence, and ultimately your opportunity to contribute to others’ lives. I’m sure I’ve omitted a bevy of additional benefits to improving this skill, but my hope is that these five tasty morsels will have you hungry to purposefully improve your desire and ability to listen. After all, step one to communicating well is to LISTEN! Listen to Learn […]
December 11, 2015
A major ingredient of success is effective networking and the building of meaningful long-term relationships. Master this trick to help you network like a true leader.

8 Words to Network Like a Boss

When we were developing Love and Theft (if you don’t know that part of my back story, just click here), we spent hours and hours writing and practicing, playing live shows at tiny little pizza shops and acoustic rooms. We did weekend writing camps and demoed more songs than I can even remember. We polished up our harmonies and dialed in complementary guitar parts and piano parts. We worked on photos and social media campaigns and websites and building up a following. These things—that drive and that hard work—all played a part in us finally signing a record deal and experiencing […]