February 26, 2016

Why I Won’t Double-Tap That: Lessons From Instagram

I recently launched a new Instagram account specifically for BrianBandas.com and I began looking around and perusing the accounts of various success-oriented accounts. Lots of inspirational quotes and photos of Lambourghini’s. I’ll tell you what frustrated me, and what I think is missing. Meaning. Substance. And struggle. In short, authenticity. The pain is missing. The confusion, the angst, the worry, the fear, the not-having-all-the-answers. The fight against the world and against self that inevitably follows those who follow the road less travelled. The meaning is missing, too. The depth. Something more than I-wanna-have-more-than-you-and-do-what-I-want-and-make-sure-people-are-jealous. I saw a meme yesterday (I flinch […]