Hello. Welcome to BrianBandas.com.

I, of course, am Brian Bandas. I believe that life is a gift, that we only live it once. I believe that this isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is the real deal! That being the case, I want to excel, I want to thrive, I want to win, I want to have a blast doing things really, really well. I want to leave a legacy!

I write to people who feel the same way, and I do so three times a week. (You can subscribe via RSS feed or through my newsletter.)

My goal is that you would read a post or watch a video and immediately feel compelled to take powerful action to change your life for the better. I believe with deep conviction that the difference between people who do great things and those who slide through life unfulfilled and un-remembered isn’t intelligence or even talent—it’s the fact that some people make the decision to take action… and others simply don’t.

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Lastly, if you take nothing else, and don’t want my emails, then I entreat you to take this book. I wrote this about fortifying your marriage (or relationship) against infidelity. It is a passion of mine. I see the hurt of broken relationships all around me. I specifically do not ask you to sign up in order to receive this book because I don’t want anything standing between you and such powerful information.

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A few notes about this site.

First of all, I publish a new blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

My daily approach to this website is this: "what can I do or say today that will improve the life of whoever reads it, hears it, does it?" I get excited just thinking about the fact that you can make a good living in this world simply by striving to help others. It’s the most fulfilling way to live.

You may have noticed that I have some affiliate links on here. In the interest of full disclosure, it is certainly my intention to turn this blog and the products I am creating into a full-time career. That being the case, I do attempt to monetize my blog and website. HOWEVER, it is absolutely non-negotiable for me to have experience with a product before endorsing it. If it’s a course, I’ve taken it. If it’s a book, I’ve read it. If I am encouraging you to buy something, I don’t take that lightly. It is my belief that if I am faithful to authenticity in the short run, the trust we are able to build will pay off exponentially in the long run. I am excited to prove to you over time that that is my heart.


Programs & Apps

1. Follow Up Boss –
This is the CRM that I use in my real estate business, and I believe that it has application across the board for anyone running a business based on relationships with customers (so basically, everyone.) It thinks for me. Helps me automate outreach, reminds me to call or email, allows me to organize people in a number of different ways. If you need to manage mailing lists, don’t use this. It costs more and it does far more than a simple mail application. It has changed my business dramatically.
2. Things – The coolest TO-DO list app ever. Just the right amount of simple and intuitive. Similar to Evernote, you can organize things by the different projects and areas of your life, but it isn’t a catch-all for ideas. It is an interactive checklist with automation that allows you to forget about a task until it is time.
3. Evernote – I basically built my entire BrianBandas.com business on Evernote. I have stacks of notes of every topic, links, photos of napkins that I brainstormed on, you name it, I collected it in Evernote. This app is phenomenally helpful. Not only can you brainstorm and catch ideas, you can drag-and-drop photos and other documents into a note in order to keep everything pertaining to a project in one place. Oh, and it’s in the cloud. So I can access it any time through the phone app. Very niiiiiiice.

Web Tools

1. BeTheme –
I used this to build my site myself. First of all, I am not a computer programmer. This allowed me to build a professional looking site with relative ease. And for only $60?! There are countless killer Wordpress themes to choose from over at ThemeForest.net
2. Bluehost – These guys are the standard in the blogging realm when it comes to hosting. They make the process from purchasing a domain, to hosting, to installing wordpress, incredibly seamless. And I can tell you from personal experience that their customer service is very solid. Several times I’ve had to contact them with questions. Every time they are not only friendly, but of course, very helpful.

3. Wordpress.org – Don’t get a dot-com wordpress site. The cost to host your own and have complete control is just too dang low. The process of switching over is going to be a pain. That’s my two cents.
4. Intentional Blog Course – This course was created by Jeff Goins of Goinswriter.com. It’s full of very solid stuff and covers everything from foundational mindset issues, to practical tools, types of blogs, writing headlines, etc. He does not offer this year round, but subscribe to his email list and keep and eye out for when he’ll next offer the course.

Websites, Blogs and Podcasts

1. BiggerPockets.com –
An absolutely encyclopedic resource for anyone interested in investing in real estate. This has guided my through a number of real life questions and problems I ran into, not to mention their forums allow you to network with other investors in your specific city. They have videos, blogs, podcasts, worksheets to help you analyze property, and much more. This is the no-brainer on-stop-shop if you are even remotely interested in investing in real estate (and you absolutely should be!)
2. SmartPassiveIncome.com – Pat Flynn, aside from being one of the most likeable personalities on the internet, offers a hub of great resources and information. If he isn’t an expert on it himself, you can almost guarantee he has interviewed the go-to expert on any topic relevant to building a business in the internet era. Coolest of all is that he actually posts his monthly profit/loss for all the world to see.
3. MFCEO – This is the grown man’s guide to business badassery. He curses like a football coach and if he were sitting in front of you I’m pretty sure he’d want to smash his forehead into yours like a linebacker. When I need a good stout dose of motivation to press on, I turn here, and within minutes, I remember how important it is to stay the course and “not be a p***y.”
4. Michael Hyatt – My journey into the world of self-improvement and the pursuit of holistic excellence began largely with Mr. Hyatt. He is a fellow Nashvillian with a sharp business mind and a genuine heart for people. Cool story. I once wrote a blog post about meeting him at the Franklin Mercantile in Franklin, TN. He ran across it via Twitter, read it, and commented on it. Very cool.
5. Jeff Goins at GoinsWriter.com – Another Nashville native. I took myself through his Intentional Blog course for those wanting to start or grow their own blog. He has an awesome success story. After blogging in anonymity for around 7 years, he finally made a few tweaks and grew to over 150,000 followers in about a year and a half. He speaks very concisely on what it takes to blog well and turn it into a career.
6. Ramit Sethi – He will teach you to be rich. He has a PHENOMENAL course out called Zero to Launch. It’s the blueprint for creating a profitable online business, and frankly, he’s the guy to listen to. He’s made millions, and has the trial-and-error experience to speak with authority on the process. Not to mention, he’s hilarious and posts hateful emails he receives on his Instagram.
7. Tim Ferris – Author of The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef, Tim treats himself like a human guinea pig. He tries, he tests, he experiments, he takes risks, he fails, and he shares it all with you. I’ve read the first two of the three books listed and they are both chock full of very practical, actionable content. It’s not just rah-rah, it’s real, boots-on-the-ground material that he uses himself. I’d love to be his friends. He seems cool as hell.
8. Lewis Howes – Lewis was a semi-pro football player who hit rock bottom and came surging back as a phenomenal internet entrepreneur, or in his words, a “lifestyle entrepreneur.” I don’t know if anyone is growing faster in the world of the “guru’s” than Lewis, and it makes sense. He is very enthusiastic, highly motivating, and has the personal success to back it up.
9. DISC Test @ Tony Robbins – I don’t believe Tony needs any introduction. He is one of the pillars in the world of motivation. The DISC profile isn’t his invention, but he does offer it for free on his site. We use it in the hiring process for our team—everyone takes it—as well as to know ourselves and our clients better. By the way, if you are part of my exclusive Action-Opportunity Mastermind, I have a handful of videos explaining each of the personality profiles, how to identify them, and how to interact successfully with each. Powerful stuff!


Books may be the most important tool for people aspiring to great things. Below is a list of books that have had an impact on my personal growth, my enjoyment of work, and my achievement of goals. If you want to grow aggressively, READ READ READ!

1. Steve Jobs
2. What’s Best Next
3. Platform
4. The Art of Work
5. The War of Art
6. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
7. The School of Greatness
8. Think and Grow Rich
9. Influence
10. John Adams
11. Man’s Search for Meaning
12. MREA
13. MREI
14. The One Thing
15. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
16. Retire Inspired by my buddy Chris Hogan
17. 4 Hour Work Week
18. 4 Hour Body
19. Strength Rules
20. Good to Great
21. Entreleadership
22. The Millionaire Next Door
23. Leadership and Self-Deception
24. The Alchemist


So you want the full bio? Okay, here goes. I'll do what I can to make it riveting!

I come from the great nation of Texas, and I have the pride to match! I grew up playing sports avidly, and eventually fell in love with music. I used to go from high school basketball games, still in my team warm-ups, down into Austin to play guitar and sing terrible amateur songs I’d written at open mic nights at coffee shops. Seriously. They were not good.

After two years at a small Baptist college in the middle of Texas, I left school and moved to Nashville to pursue my dream of playing music professionally. I was often kindly reminded how many people "actually make it out there,” (or more specifically, how many people don’t make it). And I would say in response, “What do they have to do with me?” In other words, my life is in no way defined by statistics, by what others have done or not done, by any of these various external forces. I can and will create my own destiny. I suppose I had a brash ambition from an early age.

The move to Nashville was hard. I knew one person in town when I arrived, and I didn’t know him well. I was broke, and not as good at music as I thought. But I was persistent. I didn’t quit, I didn’t go home. I was relentless.

Eventually, I became a founding member of a band called Love and Theft (they still exist and make great music). I had a nice run touring around and playing country music for a living, and I had very long, majestic hair. I got to do things that teenagers daydream about. I toured with Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift to name only a few. We played Good Morning America and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We had fan sites and meet and greets and all that good, ego-stroking stuff. But I slowly began to realize, to my confusion and chagrin, that something didn’t feel right, that maybe this wasn’t my calling.

It took years for me to come to a place where I genuinely felt open to whatever it was I was meant to be doing. I finally wanted to experience my true calling more than I wanted my own contrived designs. I began praying, “Just put me in a place where I can truly thrive.” I wanted to feel as though I was using my gifts, my intelligence, my unique skills, whatever they may be, and using them well. I wanted to be in a position where I was using those gifts to make an impact, and was being compensated in a healthy way for those gifts as well. (Becoming a father put the income factor on my radar in a whole new way! You parents out there will no doubt know what I mean.)


Another interesting shift in perspective occurred. I began to recognize a type of "fame" or "renown" that I hadn't before. I recognized the way that I revered a few influential people in my life. I was more interested in them and what they had to say than any celebrity, and this type of fame was now what I wanted, more than fan sites and CMA nominations. I wanted to be famous to my family, to my sons, to be revered by them, to have renown among those who truly knew me, renown based on my character. It was an incredibly freeing change in perspective. I was no longer a slave to name recognition among strangers. Fame is not evil, but it should never be the source of your identity.

Finally, through a number of experiences and periods of begrudging learning and self-discovery, I began to see that teaching was going to be at least part of the answer to that plea to truly thrive. I realized that I could see certain things very clearly, and wanted to share that understanding with those around me whom I loved.

I eventually partnered with a family friend and began helping him grow his real estate team. I learned an astonishing amount in a short amount of time about identifying and playing to my strengths, about communicating effectively, about leading and teaching, and so much more. It revolutionized my thinking and ultimately led me to recognize and admit my passion for pouring into others, for helping them identify their strengths and positioning them to succeed at new levels, for finding ways to add value to those around me.

I am excited to pursue knowledge and wisdom with vigor, and to share generously all that I can discover. I am excited to share my experiences as I pursue highly ambitious goals, as I struggle, sometimes fail, and ultimately succeed in reaching these goals.

Come with me. Let’s set amazing goals, pursue them with excellence and vigor, and accomplish things we once believed impossible. Let’s become the most truly excellent versions of ourselves as is possible in a finite lifetime. Let’s thrive!


I offer one-on-one coaching for those intent on improving these areas:
1. Goal-setting
2. Effective action steps
3. Daily habits

I also offer consulting for teams and businesses, regarding the following:
1. Effective communication
2. Developing powerful sales scripts
3. Hiring, training, coaching and accountability systems.

Finally, I do accept a limited number of speaking engagements. I offer talks on the following topics:
1. Overcoming fear and taking action
2. Creating vision and building goals and systems to match
3. Communicating effectively and skillfully, and creating effective scripts from scratch.

If you're interested in one-on-one coaching, consulting, or hiring me as a speaker, please email me at hello@brianbandas.com.

I also work as a full-time real estate agent in the Nashville and middle Tennessee area, and lead a team of incredible agents. If you'd like to inquire about my team and I representing you on a real estate transaction, or if you'd like to be connected to a top-performing agent in your area, email me at brian@heltonrealestategroup.com.