Crucial Question: Who Do You Believe That You Are?



Yesterday I made a short video about how my view of myself had shifted and how that had affected my actions.

This morning, as I listened to a local sports talk host whom I enjoy, he began talking about the old adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

That tied in nicely. This is a similar concept, but it’s internal instead of external. The concept there is that people will treat you the way they perceive you. Dress like an executive, and after a while, they’ll begin to see you and treat you that way.

The same goes for how you “dress yourself” mentally. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as an executive? Do you see yourself as wealthy or successful or healthy or accomplished?

If you’re willing to see yourself that way, you can become so. If you aren’t, you likely will not.

I wrestled, for a long time, with the belief that the world was split into two groups: the Have’s and the Have-Not’s. I discovered, after some mental anguish, that I believed that I was born into the Have-Not’s, that that was who I was, as a birthright, that it was an inherent trait.

If I believe that I am inherently a Have-Not, then the power is ripped from my hands to do anything whatsoever about my life and my future. It’s a hopeless battle to try and be something you simply are not.

But I was wrong. And what’s more, I realized that the belief that I was a Have-Not was going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The belief itself would be a key factor in the belief becoming true.

I had to change the way I viewed myself in order to change the way I acted. How do you act with courage and take risks and chase truly ambitious goals, if you believe in your heart of hearts that that pursuit is futile?

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Allow me to tie this into a very recent experience (for those who didn’t see the video).

I’ve been an athlete for as long as I can remember. I was obsessed with baseball for a good decade, and have continued to run, play basketball, work out and more throughout my life. But I have kids now, and I work pretty hard, and life is very full. So I’ve been having a tough time getting myself into the type of athletic condition that I’d like to. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. Let’s just say I have more padding than I’m used to having.

A few weeks ago, I turned a mental corner, though. I stopped being someone who wished he could be a certain way, look a certain way, live a certain way, and decide that I am that person.

I put a visual in my head of the man I’d like to be. I saw the physique and the strength, the level of health, the diet, the mastery over my body. And I decided that that is now who I am.

The strangest thing happened. I began making decisions as that person. I’ve been eating consistently better, I’ve been working out harder and far more consistently. And while I don’t have that level of strength and fitness yet, I am now acting like I do, and the result will be that I become that person.

I believe this is true in almost any endeavor. As an entrepreneur, I’ve begun to apply this principle and have seen results. From the confidence that I feel when talking to potential clients, to how I envision and plan my business, I execute differently because I am executing toward the business I intend to become.

How do you view yourself? As someone close to me recently said, do you see yourself as the perpetual “Before” photo? Or do you believe and act as though you are becoming the “After” photo?

Change who you believe yourself to be, and your actions will follow that belief.

Take a moment to comment below: Starting today, what will you choose to believe about yourself?



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