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Great free resources for entrepreneurs and bloggers, from Pat Flynn, Tony Robbins, Jeff Goins, Seth Godin, Sally Hogshead, Lewis Howes and more.

I began with one key principle in mind above all else: GENEROSITY. It is my belief that whatever I give will come back to me in time. I have fallen deeply in love with the generosity marketplace, the economy of giving that has become so prevalent. What a fantastic cornerstone to doing business.

In that spirit, I thought this would be a fitting first blog post. Please enjoy a few of my favorite FREE resources found out there on the web. I think you’ll find these to be helpful and inspiring.



1. First of all (and you can thank me later), click here to enjoy a bevy of high quality freebies from the guru to the gurus, Seth Godin. Seriously, the guy’s resume is show-stopping, and the best part of it is his appreciation for his many, many failures. I am particularly partial to his short e-book entitled “Knock Knock.” Go have your mind blown.



7 Triggers to Write Fascinating Emails_Fascinate.001-resized-600.jpg2. Take the DISC Profile courtesy of a little-known motivator by the name of Anthony Robbins to learn about your strengths and corresponding weaknesses. Finished there? Now click on over and check out Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage Test. Sally says that embracing and capitalizing on your natural strengths is utterly crucial (and I agree), and she encourages people to play to those strengths in order to fascinate others. “Different is better than better.” This test helps identify what the different is that will allow us to naturally fascinate people we encounter.



3. Fellow Nashvillian Jeff Goins is about as generous as they come. He has given away top quality, enriching and challenging content for nearly two years now, and has even compiled this fantastic page of resources for the good of folks like you and me. I’d encourage you to click on over to his site and sign up for his mailing list to really enjoy everything that he has to offer, including my favorite offering (SIGN UP, you won’t regret it!), The Beginner’s Guide to Building an Audience.




It’s amazing what is available for free now! What a beautiful version of capitalism that rewards generosity and encourages the abundance mindset. These few folks above (and thousands of others) have embraced that worldview, and I hope to as well.

I’m aware that these represent the tip of the iceberg. What are some excellent free resources that you’ve discovered online that have enriched and guided your efforts? Please share in the comments below!

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