Why I’m Okay With Failure

A person truly bent on success, on achieving greatness, must learn to take failure and to learn and grow from it, to use it as a tool to push toward excellence. Failure is empowering to true leaders.

I’m tired of hype. I’m tired of people telling me how easy it was for them, how quick I can get rich, how I can lose weight without changing anything! You know why I’m tired of it? Because it’s a crock. It’s a bag of lies. For every guy who wins the lottery, there are 2o million who don’t. For every girl who is born the daughter of a hotel magnate, there are several billion who aren’t.

The fact is, if you want to do something that can be called anything but “getting by,” it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be painful. It’s going to get tiring; you’re going to seriously consider quitting. You’ll question yourself, your methods, your motives, your assessment of your own strengths. You’ll wonder very seriously if you actually do want the end result you were so sure of wanting.

Here’s my guarantee: if you want to do something–anything–meaningful with your days, then YOU. WILL. FAIL.

Not ultimately, mind you. Ultimately, you very well may succeed. But by that time, when you do finally reach the summit, you will have already failed numerous times! And it will be worth it.

Tweet This- Failure

So let’s talk about failure. I’m experiencing it as I write this, actually.

I have committed myself to vulnerability and honesty when I write for this blog, so as uncomfortable as it may be (and this one is gonna be a doozy!) I’m going to stick by that commitment, believing that you guys are probably as sick of the aforementioned crap as I am.

So here we go. Honesty…

I got really excited about this giveaway I’m doing. I was going to advertise it on Facebook and run my first paid marketing campaign to help grow BrianBandas.com by giving away these 5 awesome books. I mean, who the heck doesn’t want free books to help them grow and succeed at new heights?!

Up to the minutes before launching the ad campaign and beginning this whole sweepstakes project, I was nervous. I felt exposed, I wondered if my ads were decent, if I was gonna get sued for some breach of sweepstakes law, I wondered if my #winterbeard2015 made me look unprofessional in my new Revolutionize Your Communication video course. I questioned everything, so afraid was I of failing.

Well, wouldn’t you know it…

I failed.

That’s right. Turns out, not as many people are excited about free books as I thought. I’m not exaggerating when I say that two days into the ad campaign and the giveaway, I have ONE new contact on my list that I didn’t already know personally. (Hi, Rosalind!)

So now I get to answer that fear that gnaws at us all as we prepare to embark on adventures. As we launch our websites, or build companies, ask out pretty girls or start new bands, that question that haunts us, that leers and jeers, telling us we’d better turn back and not even try.

“What if I fail?”

Well… I have failed. I’m actually in the middle of failing right now. My first big push has turned out to be not even a little push. It’s been no push at all. It’s like I filled my lungs and blew as hard as I could against the side of a sky scraper. No effect whatsoever.

But guess what?

I’m still alive. I still have my website, I still have some pretty cool ideas and great stuff to share with you, I still have a lot of time and a mindset that is committed to generosity and enriching others. I still have a lot of room to grow and a lot to learn, and a lot of time to use to do so, as long as I don’t quit.

And the money I have spent on that one expensive new subscriber? I don’t even want it back.

Because this failure has forced me to go back and un-cut some corners, to examine and scrutinize my strategies, my ideas, my content, things with which I was satisfied are under the microscope again and are going to be better very soon.

I’m now running multiple ad campaigns, comparing ideas, pictures, phrases, I’m working on my landing page, I’m learning that what I thought was good enough simply wasn’t. And you know what? That’s great news! If I hadn’t taken this shot and failed, I never would’ve learned that my product was decent at best!

Tweet This- Failure 2

But now I know. Now I’ll be better. I’ll come back a little stronger, a little closer to victory.

I will confess to you that it was dicey for about 48 hours there. I was stressed and depressed. I was questioning whether or not this is what I’m meant to be pursuing.

That happens. It happens to us all. So while I’m in the dead middle of failing, I’m using it to push myself forward, and to give to those who deserve my best.

That’s what I’m doing with my failure.

What will you do with yours?





  1. Samuel says:

    Thanks for this post. I have been struggling to complete my first post of 2016 too. I had this big plan for how I would launch into the year and it didn’t happen. I’m slowly learning to accept the fact that plans will change, but that doesn’t have to interrupt productivity. Best wishes for the year. Keep writing and speaking truth.

    • Brian Bandas says:

      Sam, I look forward to reading your first post of the year. You hit the nail on the head: stuff won’t go right, but it doesn’t have to be the end. It doesn’t have to be a death sentence to your ambitions. In fact, with the right mindset, those failures and hindrances can be the catalysts that lead to much needed change and growth!

  2. Daniel says:

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, this one definitely struck a cord, as I hate failure, so much so that I see it cripple my efforts sometimes. Being in sales, it’s good to remember that it’s okay to not always land that job you want. Thanks for sharing.

    • Brian Bandas says:

      Glad it helped, Daniel. I know that I am often shocked to realize just how many things I don’t do, with fear of failure at the root of that inaction. Seems that the moment I recognize that fear though, it loses much of its power.

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