What Could Be Different One Year From Now?


Here’s a question worth asking yourself:

What could be different one year from today?

What could you do between now and then? What habit could you break? What habit could you begin? What could you learn between now and then?

Could you play the guitar or begin to learn French? Could you have the ability to run a half marathon? Could you have $5000 in savings? Could you buy your first home?

What could be different one year from today?

Are you going through the motions—merely surviving, treading water, staying afloat? Or are you progressing, growing, conquering, learning?

I love this question because it reminds me of an implied truth: things can be different. Even more exciting is that they can be different, even significantly so, in only a year! That’s not a long time.

I challenge you to ask that question. Now ask it out loud. Say it out loud, and hear your voice, and don’t answer immediately, but let your mind work on it, ruminate on it, ponder the possibilities. Take your time, and write down a few things that come to mind.

A year from now you could be an early riser. You could be a health nut. You could have written a book. Or two! Or started a business, or saved for a down payment on a home, or begun to learn a trade or finish a degree or reconnect with a parent.

You could own rental property or know how to evaluate stocks or be one year away from your master’s degree.

You could have visited Europe or all 50 states or scuba dived or deep-sea fished or traced your family history back to the 1600’s.

As my dad used to say, when I was working on my guitar playing, “One way or another, a year from now is going to come. Either you’ll be one year older and no better at guitar, or you’ll be one year older and be a much better player. Either way, you’ll be a year older.”

What could be different one year from today?

 Damn near anything. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

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