Dare to Consider the Possibilities


Tonight I sat in my neighbor’s back yard while our kids played superheroes together, and the two babies flirted consistently with serious injury.

I was telling them about the feeling I had when I first moved to Nashville from my home town of Cedar Park, just outside of Austin, TX.

I said the world felt huge and wide open, that I was struck by the vast possibilities and the endless number of people and paths that I could walk. “I could move to Europe tomorrow and that would be just fine and no one could stop me!” I remembered thinking.

I could go back to school and study the law, I could take up acting or write a book or move to Los Angeles or buy a house boat and live on it. I remember realizing—not just thinking, but realizing the truth—that I could, in a sense, create my life.

Have you felt that feeling before? Have you been struck but the exciting absence of limitations? It’s still there. It’s not unique to being single, or being 20 years old, or being rich, or not having kids. Sure, those factors do change things, but they don’t introduce some crazy set of rules.

I can still function as a great father, husband, 31-year-old real estate agent and blogger, and expand the possibilities that I consider. I can be astoundingly and creatively ambitious and live well within the realm or reality.

And that’s my challenge to you: are there things that you assume are impossible that actually aren’t? Do you dare to consider the possibilities? (TWEET THIS!)

What could you do? What could you create?

Off the top of my head, you could start a side business or a blog or write a book, you could save your money and visit Australia or Ireland or sail around South America. You could rebuild a car or a café racer, or build a coffee table or move to New York or to Hawaii.

Whether any of those things speak to you or not isn’t the point. The point is, something speaks to you, and you need to consider that that thing may not actually be impossible.

It may not come easily, but the journey and struggle to attain it will only make achieving, or gaining, or doing, or accomplishing it that much more sweet.

I can tell you right now, Elon Musk is thinking big. Gary Vaynerchuck is thinking big. In our little corner of the Nashville real estate word, my business partner and I are thinking big. You can be too.

So, consider the possibilities: what have you previously assumed is impossible, that may just not be?



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