Be a Steward of the Task at Hand

In order to achieve success, to reach a vision or conquer a goal, you must first steward the task in front of you with diligence and excellence. This is the process of becoming a leader.

One pillar of mindset that I share with the agents on my team here in Nashville is this: take the next step.

But what does that even mean?

If you’re like me, you’re an ambitious person. You’re hungry to grow, to excel. You want to be smarter, accomplish more, earn more, conquer more. I can see you nodding vigorously as I write this. Wherever we are, we want to be further along, and we want to be there now!

These are fantastic traits—the desire to live this life dialed up to “10” is something that I for one haven’t figured out how to teach. It seems people either grasp the gravity of this fantastic life, or they don’t.

Where people like you and I can get into trouble, though, is when we are so enamored by the potential of the future, that we are blind to the value of the present, and the importance of the task at hand.

An example from my work as a real estate agent: when I meet someone who is interested in buying a home, what do I want? I want them as a client, right? Like, right now! BUT, that may not be what they want. They may not be ready for that, and if you’ve ever been sold to (and we all have), you’ll agree that pushiness can kill the deal fast. If I am turned outward, attentive to them, I can respond to what they want and need, and figure out the right next step.

So I teach my team to ask themselves: what is the next step for this person? Don’t let your impatience, or your fear of loss, dictate the next step. Listen to this person, with the intention of hearing them and learning what they need, and simply take them to the next step. Consider it an act of service. (See “Listen to Learn” in my e-book on communication.)

Tweet This- The Task At Hand

Now, I realize that you probably don’t work in real estate like I do. That doesn’t matter. This concept isn’t exclusive to the person-to-person context or  even to the sales context. This applies to any goal, large or small.

I’ve been fairly transparent, since launching this site, about my goal of building this business to towering heights, to earn the right to teach thousands and tens of thousands. That’s a fantastic goal—but it’s not the next step. Not yet.

 My job right now is to be a good steward of the task at hand, which is to find a way to serve those who are in front of me, whether it’s a group of ten people, or a group of ten thousand. If I don’t serve the ten whole-heartedly, being a faithful steward of the task at hand, then I certainly will never end up serving the ten thousand.

Identify the task at hand and commit to doing it well, forsaking ego and belaying impatience if necessary.

It is precisely this faithfulness that will take you consistently to the next step. It is this faithfulness that will perpetuate the growth you so long for.



Go-To Resource: This is a seminal book on what it means to find meaning in your current circumstances. I am reading Man’s Search for Meaning right now and it is phenomenally moving. I recommend it to anyone who, well….. just anyone. It is, at times, hard to read. It’s even harder to put down. With the concentration camp Auschwitz as the backdrop, Viktor Frankl explores that which is essential to human life: purpose and meaning. He challenges us to believe that there is greatness in the task at hand, even when the task at hand is dying well.

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