Why Does BrianBandas.com Even Exist?

Why does BrianBandas.com exist? Because of the brevity of this life, to teach people to steward what they've been given, to push toward greatness, to fulfill a calling, to experience excellence and fulfillment in roles of leadership.

I remember being in the car with my dad years back. We were having a discussion that originated on the subject of marriage. I was saying, even at age 14 or 15, how intent I was on having a healthy and fulfilling marriage, that I wanted to “win” in marriage. (By the way, this is my awesome wife.)

I then expounded upon that to include my goals in music, as well as what I envisioned financially, my physical fitness, basically everything.

I said, “Dad, I just want to win life. I want to do every single area the best I can possibly do it.”

He understood, and told me that it was possible.

BrianBandas.com exists because once I’m gone from this earth, I’m not coming back. I love this life; it is a gift. A fantastic, challenging, difficult, exhausting, fulfilling, exciting gift. I want to enjoy it while I have the chance.

I want to win while I’m here.

In that spirit, I believe that I can live a very rich life by contributing to the richness of others’ lives.

BrianBandas.com is about taking this finite amount of time, and maximizing it in every way possible. That doesn’t mean working 80-hour weeks and stockpiling money. It also doesn’t mean shirking all responsibility in the name of fun because we’ll eventually die any way. Neither of those is the fullness of life. It means cultivating health and fulfillment in each of the fundamental areas of life, and enjoying it with a spirit of gratitude.

It is my belief that generosity comes back to you, so I have committed to making generosity the backbone of what I do.

That doesn’t mean never selling anything, it doesn’t mean never making money. It means operating from the abundance mindset rather than from a fearful mode of self-interest.

I hope that something that I say, write, something that I post will stretch your mindset, will encourage you or challenge you to take action. I hope that I can find some way to make your life better.

I recently observed that those who are “successful” are rarely in that position because of some inherent advantage. They seem to share similar opportunities with those around them. Similar intelligence, similar upbringings, levels of education, and financial backgrounds. I came to the conclusion that what sets them apart—and what will set me apart—is one simple thing: the decision to take action.

My focus and ultimate goal with BrianBandas.com is to embolden you to make that decision, whether through inspiration, education or example.

Not only does that lead to opportunity and growth, but more than anything, it leads to a fulfilling life experience. Life isn’t meant to be safe, mistake-free, crisp and smooth around the edges. It’s meant to be lived. I want to experience life. I want to try things, to take chances, to declare that I am what I intend to be, rather than wait around and hope that Lady Luck will come and dub me one of her lucky subjects.

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That propensity to take action means that you don’t wait to be picked to be on some imagined team. You pick yourself for that team. Hell, you start your own team on your own terms and go do what you believe is worth doing.

So that’s the story. I wanted you to know what this site is all about, why I’m here and why I say the things I say and do the things I do.

It’s simple really: this is it. This is today. Once I go to sleep, today is over, I don’t get it back. I’ll either end this day having said what I want and taken my shot, or I’ll end this day not having done so. Either way, I’ll live through this day and then it will be over.

I want to be proud of today. I want to be proud of this whole life. All 105 years of it.

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